HR & Operations

Keep Everyone In The Loop


Always Connected
Organimi’s ability to publish your org chart online ensures that your employees can access it whenever they need it and have confidence that they are using the updated version. Help employees identify the right person to connect with and eliminate unnecessary back and forth communication.

Use As An Onboarding Tool
Organimi org charts also double as a photo board and a directory so your new employees can put a face to the name and have every employee’s contact information at their fingertips.

Easy Updates
Updating your chart frequently doesn’t have to be a pain. Simply export your org chart to Excel, make changes to the reporting structure, employee information, or custom fields and reimport the file.

Integrate with your HRMS System
Any HR system that provides a CSV output integrates with Organimi.


Brand Your Chart
Change font, role box, and connector colours to align with your brand identity.

Of all of the online org chart tools I tested, Organimi was the best for fit for our needs. Flexible, nimble yet robust. It’s become a part of my daily toolset.

John Smith – CEO & Co-Founder at Company One

Organizational Design

Boost Performance Through Organizational Design


Visualize Improvements
Map out organizational structures to visualize how you can improve your organization’s productivity. Use our intuitive drag and drop interface to easily move roles and members to different parts of your org chart.

Clarify Roles & Responsibilities
Add role descriptions in Organimi to make sure it’s clear who is accountable for what.

Don’t Wait for a Catastrophe. Plan Now!
Reorganizations that are implemented before a crisis are much more likely to be successful.

I love this program….it’s awesome. Been looking for a good organizational chart template for months

Karen – One Call


Supercharge Your Sales Team


Make The Most Of Your Relationships
When you sign a new account, you create an opportunity to generate additional revenue through your current relationships. Keep Track of who you know on your org chart and how everyone is connected to one another.

Map Related Accounts
Today, several accounts can be related to each other. Use the embed feature to link one org chart to another, and keep tabs on every possible opportunity. It’s common that one company might own another company, or it may be that one company must approve all purchases by another company before they go through. Organimi helps keep track of these complex connections, so you don’t have to.

Plans Made Just For You
We realize that sales teams require a larger number of charts and members to get the job done, and lots of org charting tools are made for single companies. That’s why we created the Organimi Planner Edition licenses so that you can keep on charting! Additionally, our unique license model also allows users to easily add additional charts, fields, admins, and members as needed.

Impress The Boss
Export your chart directly to PowerPoint, PDF, or PNG to share in a meeting or presentation or pass onto your colleagues.

Best Path to Sale
Use the dotted line functionality to outline the best strategy to close a deal. How will you get from point A to point B?

Congratulations on creating a simple, easy-to-use tool for collaboratively creating and managing org charts. My team and I are really enjoying it so far and I hope we will continue to see the value as we continue to build out our org.

Dimi – Progress