Welcome to Our Consumer Bio-Cannabis Line

Capsules and Tablets

  • Utilizing Pivot’s industry-leading patented process for encapsulating powderized cannabis oil
  • Each capsule delivers an accurate 10 mg dose of THC/CBD
  • Packaged in bottles of 100 to provide 1,000 mg of THC/CBD
  • Capsules will be sold as pure cannabinoid products and with added ingredients for targeted effect

Bulk Powder

  • Prepared using Pivot Natural’s patent-pending* process of turning cannabis oil into a powder to ensure consistent dosage (homogenization)
  • Bulk THC/CBD powders that can be added to any recipe
  • Wholesale and retail:
    – Wholesale powders will be sold to food & beverage manufacturers to produce their own edibles
    – Retail powders will be packaged similar to current protein powders and will come with guidelines for adding to consumers’ home cooking and beverage preparation

Stick Packs

  • RTIC Ready-to-Infuse Oil to Powder
  • Each stick pack delivers a consistent 10 mg dose of THC/CBD
  • Available in boxes of 100 (for 1,000 mg of THC/CBD)
  • Allows for discreet and accurate dosage on the go
  • Can be added to foods and beverages to provide the benefits of THC/CBD


  • Our “RTIC” Powder will be formulated to be infused into hot or cold beverages as an ingredient
  • Our Ready-to-Infuse Cannabis Powders will be available for sale to food and beverage companies via Joint Ventures or bulk sales of powder

Water Soluble Oral Solutions

  • Uses Solmic™ patented technology to render CBD water soluble and maintain high bioavailability and stability (0.5-2%)
  • Formulated using a patent-protected extraction technology in Germany
  • Extract contains CBD in its highest purity (>99.0%) and free of THC and other cannabinoids

Lotions, Creams & Gels

  • Utilizing patented Thrudermic™ and BiPhasix™ liposomal drug delivery and drug release mechanisms to reduce sensitivity and enhance dispersion and permeation
  • Utilizing “RTIC” Powderized cannabis, in body moisturizers similar to Glaxal Base, Aveeno or Lubriderm
  • Lotions and gels delivered in 1000 mg packages
  • Anti-inflammatory gels with THC/CBD for sore and tired muscles

Pivot Naturals for Pets

  • Bulk powders utilizing Pivot’s patented “RTIC” powderization processes for domestic pets
  • Dosage via measured scoop with specific recommendations based on body weight
  • Powders to be sprinkled over pet’s existing foods
  • Indications: anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain and other common pet problems
  • Huge market opportunity utilizing existing Pivot processes